with Mandy!
As a teacher and uplifter to my core, my intention is always to help you gain clarity. 
I'm not salesy and am not interested in pressuring you to make a decision.

This is a free (yet valuable) experience for us to connect - 
where I can learn more about you and what you're looking for, 
see if this is a match for both of us and help you however I can.

I take a limited number of clients per month 
and am super passionate about each of my clients and their success.
Here's how it works

1) Book a time that works for you

2) After booking your call you'll be taken to a confirmation page where you'll find:

Information about the call. 

A Pre-Call Booklet to help you prepare for the call so you get the most out of it. 

A short Application which helps me know more about you
 so I can prepare and 
we can dive right in. 

Fill out the Application and check out the booklet before our call!

3) Come ready to rock! 
Bring all your questions and I'll give you as much value as possible.

Check out how people like you are changing their lives.

From Leah Butler: 

Working with Mandy is truly life-changing. 
In just one session, I felt different afterwards - 
about my life, my body and the possibilities for myself overall. I still feel the positive shift months later from one powerful conversation. Mandy guides without judgment and has an amazing ability to articulate what's happening on a thought, feeling and energetic level, how that relates to outside circumstances and how to change it. Thank you, Mandy!

From Blair Bouchard, President & Founder, SILENCE:

Mandy has a way of creating an immense amount of clarity and self awareness that's specific to your current state. Working with her for a few months now has allowed me to focus in on the things that keep me aligned with my truth without being distracted by the shiny objects or need for perfection that bombard me on a daily basis.
Mandy has helped me define very specific habits and a sense of accountability that has resulted in significant changes in my mindset. She is truly great at identifying inefficiencies and helping to make incremental changes that result in profound differences.

From Shawn Jackson: 

Mandy is clear, concise and consistent in articulating the ways that our mind, emotions, and world interact.
I come away from our conversations with deep insights about myself and my life, and these understandings have allowed me, through my own experience to see why things are happening the way they are, and how to course-correct along the way so it’s a funner more enjoyable ride. She cares deeply about people and this work, and that comes through every time. 
I can't say enough about Mandy and the experience!

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